Cryptocurrency Indicator

What is Cryptocurrency Indicator? Our specially developed indicator sends you accurate Buy-Sell signals by analysing all charts. Thanks to this algorithm, you can multiply your investment while you continue your daily life. Cryptocurrency indicator can be used for commodities, foreign exchange, stocks. Our indicator, which includes Buy-Sell signals, alarms, support resistance zones and many more features, has 346 active users. If you are curious about how our indicator works, we recommend you to review our training videos. Don’t forget! The success rate of our algorithm is quite high. If you have any concerns, you can try the 1-day free trial version immediately. If you have any questions about the cryptocurrency indicator, you can contact us. Moreover, if you buy our indicator, you can also join our telegram channel where we share free signals every week.

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Trader Analys!

Buy Sell Indicator

With the Buy and Sell Indicator Trader Analys, you can multiply your earnings thanks to our algorithm that provides you with accurate buy and sell signals. The most important thought on everyone’s mind when trading is whether the price at which we buy or sell is the most accurate point.

The buy and sell indicator Trader Analys can automatically analyse all charts and identify the correct BUY-SELL points. It determines the AL-SAT signals with the help of a specially developed algorithm and perfectly indicates the turning points to you. Thanks to this algorithm, you sit back and multiply your earnings during the day.

Our algorithm has a high success rate. The recommended time frames are explained in detail in the training videos.

You can contact us 24/7 for your questions.

In short, the only thing you will do with Trader Analys is to trade safely with BUY-SAT signals while your daily routines continue. You can try our product, which has the highest success rate among buy-sell indicators, for free for 1 day, and if you are satisfied, you can buy one of our 3 packages.

What Can You Do With Trader Analys?

Buy Sell Signals

With automatic BUY-SELL signals, you can trade at the right points for your chosen chart without any extra analysis. When you use it with the alarm feature, you can multiply your balance with pleasure.


You can add alarms for every instrument Trader Analys includes and receive mobile or email notifications when they are triggered. This way, you don't need to follow the charts all the time.

Support Resistance Zones

When you open any chart, Trader Analys automatically draws support and resistance points for you. This way you can make critical moves.

Volume Tracking

We detect when big whales enter or leave the game and add them to your graph. This way you can see the safe fortresses very easily.

Trend Channels

Open any chart you want to analyze and it will automatically draw for you if a trend channel is forming. You can easily detect existing trend breaks by setting alarms here.

Moving Averages

You can add all the important averages to your chart without the need for an extra indicator. You can also see the GOLDEN CROSS and DEATH CROSS.

Long Short


Stop Points

With STOP points created according to each candle, you can set the stop price according to the current price and you will not be affected by sudden drops thanks to the tracker stop.
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Why Trader Analys?

The usage panel; For you, you can add any tool you want to your chart by selecting more than one in the most accurate way with just a few simple ticks, free from dozens of complex parameters or complex information entries. Designed for those who want to multiply their wallet in a short time, Trader Analys can be profitable with percentages such as 5%-15% on average if we buy when it gives a Buy signal and sell when it gives a Sell signal. It is very easy to add the indicator to the Trading View application. With the training videos we have prepared, you can easily add Trader Analys to the chart and start earning without wasting time. To try 1 day free of charge, just type your Trading View username at the bottom of our site.

Trader Analys Users Both Save Time and Make Profit!

Trader Analys, which has 346 Active Users, is Growing Its Audience Every Day! Provides 24/7 Support to Its Users. If you want to join us, contact us.


Watch our Training Videos!
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Cryptocurrency I ndicator

Cryptocurrency indicator are statistics that enable the prediction of economic trends in the cryptocurrency market. Indicators are used to predict whether cryptocurrencies will be in an upward or downward trend. It is used not only in the cryptocurrency market but in all financial markets. Following indicators has an important place for investors. It is important to follow the indicators and get information on this subject and to be able to access cryptocurrency indicators, as they give buy and sell signals in financial markets.

What is a Cryptocurrency Indicator?

What is a cryptocurrency indicator and exactly how it works, we would like to start by answering the question. The cryptocurrency indicator reveals which cryptocurrencies can rise and fall in the cryptocurrency market by looking at historical data the resulting analyses. Indicators are of two types: economic and technical. When it comes to cryptocurrency, we are interested in technical indicators. Technical indicators create a blueprint that determines the prices at which cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks can be bought and sold.

Indicators generally help traders and analysts to speculate about the markets and trade accordingly. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, which have been among the most important investment instruments in recent years, it can be understood how important indicators are.

Investors or analysts using technical indicators; When trading products such as stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies, they can determine at which price to buy and at which price to sell and draw a plan accordingly.

Commonly Used Indicators

Crypto indicator There are different types of indicators used in other financial markets. The most common indicators known and used are as follows:

Moving Average (MA)

Moving average (MA) is an indicator used to determine the general direction of any cryptocurrency. A current average price is determined with the data obtained.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

A key performance indicator (KPI) is an indicator that measures the current status of companies according to their set targets.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

The relative strength index (RSI) is a technical analysis that compares losses and gains. It is used to determine the price moments of a cryptocurrency and stocks.

Actual Progress Indicator

Real progress indicators (GPI) are indicators used to measure the economic growth rates of countries.

The best indicators for cryptocurrencies depends on many factors. Trading based on a single indicator is also not correct.

Cryptocurrency Buy-Sell Indicators

Cryptocurrency trading indicators you can easily learn when to buy and sell the crypto coins you have or are considering buying new. Knowing at which number you should buy and sell allows you to sell the cryptocurrencies you hold at the best price and buy cryptocurrencies at the most favourable prices. A system where you can track that you can trade at the right time and on the right platform will be very useful. In this way, it is possible to make a profit on cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency analyses While doing so, it is necessary to provide access to accurate analyses, especially at the point of purchase and sale. Therefore, when you want to research or follow indicators, you should prefer systems that offer you analyses on the right trading and guide you in the right way.

Choosing Between Cryptocurrency Indicators

The best indicators for crypto coins or you need to be careful about choosing the platforms on which you can access them. Making the right choice can create incredible earning opportunities for you. At this point, the things you should pay attention to are as follows;

  • You need to get support from reliable systems. Trust is important in buying and selling in financial matters.
  • You need effective systems developed by experts in the field.
  • It is important that it can give effective signals on issues such as stocks and stock markets, especially cryptocurrencies.
  • It should be constantly up to date and should be able to make analyses for you at certain intervals.
  • It is also important that it is understandable and easy to interpret. It is an important advantage especially for people who are not familiar with the cryptocurrency market.

Best Cryptocurrency Indicator

The best cryptocurrency indicator you can gain a very serious advantage in the cryptocurrency market. The main purpose of the cryptocurrency market is to buy and sell at the right price. You do not have to wait many years or become a profit partner. You just need to be able to see the most accurate price range of the cryptocurrencies you hold or are considering buying. Trader Analys is a system that gives you the right buy-sell signals in stock markets, stocks, stock markets, especially cryptocurrency. It tells you where, how and in what amounts to buy and sell. For cryptocurrency indicators and much more, you can choose and purchase suitable packages for you through the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a cryptocurrency indicator do?

It serves as a guide for investors to create their own strategies in cryptocurrency and to buy and sell their investments at the right time.

In which markets is the indicator used?

Indicators are used on stocks, futures andforex markets, especially the cryptocurrency market.

How to make sure that cryptocurrency indicators are reliable?

It is important that cryptocurrency indicators are reliable. With the provision of 100% accurate prediction, people take advantage. Indicators from reliable, specialised brokers will also be reliable.

How to find the most accurate cryptocurrency indicators?

You can meet Trader Analys to get the most accurate cryptocurrency indicators. When trading your cryptocurrencies, you can easily learn the best price and naturally get the highest profit rate.